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When selling or purchasing a home with a well, it’s important to perform a well quantity test to evaluate the well’s capacity to provide a sufficient quantity of water over a period of time to support the home’s needs. Some local Boards of Health require a 4-hour test, while other towns either have no specific requirement or will accept a 1-hour test. SafeWell’s proprietary 1-hour quantity test will produce the following calculated results: Static Water Level, 24-Hour Total Volume, Sustained Pumping Rate, and Recovery Rate of the well. Using the Static Water Level and well depth, these results are compared to the state or local guidelines or recommendations to evaluate the well’s performance.

Health Implications

While some, but not all, state environmental authorities and local Boards of Health require some level of water quantity testing prior to property transfer, it is considered best practice among industry experts. Consider that, while price, location, and physical condition of the home are critical considerations to a home-buyer, the available volume of well water is one thing that can affect – positively or negatively – the new homeowner’s family every day after they move in. A home without a sufficient water source can be a nuisance, as well as a health hazard. A home without a sufficient water source can be a health hazard. Not to mention the affect that a well producing an insufficient quantity of water could have on the potential property value.

What to Expect

The 1-Hr Quantity Test is performed by SafeWell Water Quality Specialists. The following is the service delivery process:

  • Schedule an appoinment
  • Professional arrives at the home
  • Removes well cap and sets up sonar measuring device
  • Attaches a quantity output gauge to water outlet
  • Well drawdown measurements monitored
  • Well recovery level recorded
  • Next steps are identified
  • Report is prepared and emailed
  • Follow up phone discussion

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