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CEO/ Senior Water Quality Specialist

Dan Gaffney is the founder of SafeWell. After creating several successful companies in the legal document automation, financial information, and face recognition industries, Dan was looking for an opportunity which would blend his passions for health, the environment, and a need to give back to the community.

Working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other federal and state agencies, he quickly identified a gap between public water systems and the private well space. It’s Dan’s vision to revolutionize the way well owners monitor the health of their drinking water.

Dan brought his SafeWell blueprint into the CleanTech Open incubator in 2015 and three months later the company had a solid business model, a great team, and, most importantly, a customer base that loves the new approach to improving the overall quality of private drinking water.

Dan has the unique ability to cross many engineering disciplines. He has become a water quality expert in his knowledge of treatment systems, well construction, and well flow rates. He has developed specialized algorithms for rating water quality based on the EPA’s Drinking Water Standards, and his team has now created a concierge well testing service to simplify the process of buying a home with a well.

In addition to his leadership at SafeWell, Dan is the current president of the Bolton Conservation Trust, and one of the key executive members overseeing the new Town Common in Bolton.

Dan has a Master of Science in Administration from Boston University with concentration in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.