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You and Your Family Deserve Safe Drinking Water 

Does This Sound Familiar?

"We’ve lived in our house with a private well for over 15 years, and I’m pretty sure we haven’t tested the water in at least the past 5-10 years. With contaminated drinking water issues in the news almost ever other day, I wonder whether our water is safe to drink. Of course, in order to know my water is safe I have to test for contamination. Just thinking about how to get started is such a burden. I don't have time for all this. I would have to find a lab and go pick up the sample bottles, actually collect the water samples (according to complicated instructions), drop the samples back at the lab, and then figure out what the lab results means and what I need to do to actually make sure my water is safe to drink if there are issues with the quality. It’s no wonder this falls to the bottom of my priority list. Ugh...it’s such a hassle and I just don't have the time to get it done.” - Bolton, MA Well Owner

You Are Not Alone Putting Off Water Testing

In fact, we have discovered that 82% of well owners who have recently used our services hadn't tested their drinking water in the last 5 - 10 years because the process was too much of a hassle.

The truth is, many well owners just want to know their water is safe to drink, but they are so overwhelmed just thinking about the process that they keep putting of testing and never experience the peace of mind they deserve.

Over 62% of the wells we test have harmful contaminants making water unsafe to drink. The best thing a well owner can do to ensure their water is safe to drink is to test their water. But if the process is too much of a hassle, what other option do they have other than to avoid testing altogether?

There is Now a More Convenient Option

We know well owners are busy people and don’t have time to deal with the hassle of testing their water. The safest way to ensure your water is safe to drink is to have it tested. The first step is to schedule your free well inspection.

  • No more wasting valuable time messing around with sample bottles....
  • No more stress having to rush to the lab to drop off water samples....
  • No more guesswork or confusion about which contaminants to test....
  • No more anxiety about interpreting your lab results and what to do next....
  • No more uncertainty about finding low-cost treatment solutions....

Schedule Your Free Well Inspection

SafeWell will handle the entire water testing process from A-Z with our managed service so you can spend time with your family doing the things you love while knowing your water is safe to drink, instead of messing with water bottles and rushing to the lab Owning a home with a well can be as effortless as using public water with quality and safety you can trust!

SafeWell Well Water Testing Specialists

"I am so glad I found you guys. It takes the hassle and guesswork out of managing my well water. I now have peace of mind that my water is safe to drink and I'm so glad to know that you'll help me remember when it's time to test again. Thank you!"

- Melissa R., Maynard, MA