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Below is just one recent example of the many bad experiences we end up hearing from home buyers after the closing because a well inspection was not completed and a water quality specialist was not used during a property transfer:

“SafeWell received a phone call from a recent buyer who a had radon system installed paid for by the seller. This brand new radon system was not working as designed due to excess sediment getting into the radon system. The new owner wasn’t advised about water quantity testing or advised that other elements in the water could cause the system to not operate as designed (e.g., manganese). The home inspector didn’t follow up with her to go over the water quality results and how this could affect the system’s operation. The home inspector completed the water quality testing but didn’t follow up with buyer to review the results. Now the seller is not willing to cover the expenses associated with water quantity testing and feels it’s not his responsibility to install additional filtration after the deal closed. The new owner is very angry with both the home inspector and her real estate agent and now has to pay for an additional water quantity test to assess the sediment issue and will have to install an additional treatment system which will cost $1200.


Well Inspections Are Overlooked

Wells are such an integral part of the total property and yet they typically receive very little attention throughout their life span. Often water well systems go several years without being inspected, serviced or repaired.

If you are the agent representing the buyer, we encourage you to have your clients complete a well inspection by a specialist–in addition to the home inspection.

One critical step in performing a thorough inspection of a private water well is to assure the buyer that if servicing should be needed, the well is accessible, and the equipment is replaceable. This can only be brought to light through a complete well inspection.

While a thorough inspection and evaluation of a private well water system costs approximately $150-$300, SafeWell Professionals include the well inspection FREE as part of the water testing service!

Home inspectors do not complete thorough well inspections, and not all water well drillers and pump contractors perform inspections for real estate transfers. It’s best to use a well water testing specialist.

Contact SafeWell to schedule an inspection as soon as you know there is a private water well associated with the listed property and help your clients avoid any issues after the closing.

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