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Simplify Closing
Just like with a Title V Inspection, a private water system inspection and water test should be completed prior to buying the home to answer three questions: Is the water safe to drink, will my family have enough water to meet our needs?, and is the water system able to deliver water without issues over the long-term?
Save Money
The cost of well testing is minor compared to finding issues with the private water system after the closing. Completing the inspection and testing process prior to closing allows you the ability to negotiate any repairs into the price. Finding out about water problems after the purchase can be an expensive lesson.

Buy a Home With Confidence

Our Real Estate Testing Services include a Water Quality Specialist coming to the home, performing a full inspection of the well and supporting infrastructure and treatment system, collecting the appropriate water samples, and evaluating the well’s capacity to provide a sufficient quantity of water over a period of time to support the home’s needs.

The following is the service delivery process:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Professional arrives at the property
  • Completes an inspection of the well
  • Inspects the supporting infrastructure
  • Evaluates the capacity of the well output
  • Collects appropriate water samples
  • Samples are delivered to a certified lab
  • Lab results are evaluated and scored
  • Next steps are identified
  • Report with results is emailed
  • Follow up phone discussion

 Our final report can be shared with real estate agents and sellers for negotiation of any issues which may need to be addressed by the sellers. 

SafeWell Water Testing for Real Estate Transactions

Avoid Issues
Completing a well inspection and water testing services will ensure no surprises will come up during the real estate transaction. This allows you an opportunity to address any issues that may arise prior to closing and removes any guesswork if treatment is required to resolve any water quality concerns so you don’t walk away from buying your dream home.
Avoid Worry
Gain peace of mind by entering into the transaction with all of the facts related to the quality of the drinking water and all the well components. In addition, a SafeWell Professional will educate and advise on how to take care of your private water system during the transaction and beyond.

Know What You're Buying

“I was buying a home with a well for the first time and was informed by the home inspector that all was well with the water system. However, during a walk through I started to smell a rotten egg smell coming from the water and decided to seek additional advice. I found SafeWell and quickly learned that a certified water system inspection wasn’t completed. SafeWell quickly completed the inspection and identified problems with the well cap. Upon review of water quality results it was identified that bacteria was entering the system through the bad cap. In addition, the treatment system wasn’t working properly which was discovered during SafeWell’s inspection.
I love the fact that there is a company that can certify a private well water system and give me peace of mind. This is a valuable asset for anyone buying or selling a home with a well. “

-- Diana D., Walpole