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Safe Drinking Water is The Most Valuable Asset to Any Property

If you plan on selling your home and it has a well, consult with a SafeWell Advisor today. You will sell your home faster, for more money, and with less headaches.

Simplify Closing
Closing is streamlined because the certification report is complete and ready to be presented to the buyer. No delays waiting for water test reports. Just like Title V septic inspections, a private water system certification should be obtained by the seller. A water system certification put a potential buyer at ease.
Save Money
Private water system problems discovered during pre-closing well inspections can be a road block to a smooth closing. Last minute water-related issues can cost a home seller thousands because of the rush to make the issue go away. A SafeWell Certification ensures potential problems are addressed early and cost-effectively on your terms.


It’s important to know the results of your water quality tests before the buyer does. If you are thinking of selling your house or already in the process of doing so, proof of a recent water test and well inspection greatly reduce the odds of any last minute surprises affecting the sale.

SafeWell Well Water Testing

More Buyers
Today's real estate buyers are savvy and health conscious and will be concerned about water quality. Expand your market reach and receive more high-end offers by having your well certified prior to listing your home. A private water system certification is a huge value to potential buyers.
No Stress
Getting your private water system certified ensures no surprises will come up during the real estate transaction. This removes any undue stress related to your water system which can affect you, the brokers and your potential buyers.

Protect your Investment

“ I wish I had completed water testing through SafeWell prior to my agent finding a buyer. When testing was completed by the buyer, they found bacteria in the well which had to be chlorinated twice to finally remove it. This caused my Title V Inspection to expire, so I had to complete a second Title V inspection. The process took six weeks to complete and delayed the closing several times. This created a lot of unnecessary stress for me, the buyer, and both agents; not to mention, it also cost me an extra $1000.00 which could have easily been avoided with an early certification.” - Jim K. – Rutland, MA