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Safe Drinking Water is a Selling Point

Every real estate transaction involving a private well water system should include a water quality test! The water test results can indicate whether the water is safe without any treatment or it can indicate water treatment is necessary. The good news?  Water is 100% treatable!

Educating homeowners who are looking to sell about the importance of water quality can help them set their homes apart from the others on the market– and help them avoid any potential issues which can be uncovered by prospective buyers.

If there are any objections to testing and inspecting the water system, you can advise your client that a house with a system in disrepair or with contaminants present in the water is worth less money on the market and can take longer to sell and will be less appealing to many buyers.

Just like a home with a new roof will likely sell for more, a home with a properly functioning water system that provides safe drinking water is worth more and will be a place of comfort for the buyer.

All purchase and sale agreements for homes with wells should have a contingency for water quality and quantity testing. This reduces the risk for prospective buyers and ensures a smooth transaction for sellers. Water testing is the only way to know if the water is safe to drink!

It’s important to have current (less than a year) up-to-date water test results.

If you our your clients have any questions about selling (or buying) a home with a private well or about water testing, contact us today. We’re always happy to help!

 Our SafeWell Promise

We are local water quality experts for Massachusetts. Ensuring safe drinking water is our specialty. With one phone call, we can can take care of all your client’s water quality and quantity testing needs.

Here’s how we help you and your clients through our water testing services:

  • immediate availability
  • expedited lab results
  • reliable, trustworthy, and professional
  • 5-star vetted network of providers
  • assurance that the water can be treated quickly if necessary
  • expert water quality/quantity resource consultations

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