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Well Water Is a Valuable Asset

It’s a small investment to know that the private water system is functioning properly and delivering clean, safe drinking water which protects a family’s health and quality of life, and the much larger investment they are making in their new home.

A home buyer finding out about water problems after they purchase a home can be an expensive lesson.

The tips below will ensure that a home buyer will have peace of mind and one less thing to worry about when purchasing a home with a well.

Tip1: Complete a thorough well inspection.

Before purchasing a home with a well, qualified water experts must evaluate the quality of the water supply to make sure it’s potable and provide viable alternatives in the event the water is not safe for consumption. Making sure all well water system components are functioning properly is the first step in assuring safe drinking water is being delivered to the home.

Tip 2: Test the water for quality and quantity.

This process will answer the two main questions home buyers will likely have when it comes to well water: Is the water safe to drink? And, will they have enough water to meet their family’s needs?

Tip 3: Review the water test results with an expert.

It’s important to go through the lab results with an expert to help determine if the water quality meets safety standards. If treatment is needed, you’ll be able to negotiate the cost of any treatment before the closing.

Similarly, it’s important to also understand the well performance outcomes as it relates to water pressure, available water supply, and the “flow rate.”If you need assistance interpreting the results, we can provide you with accurate information through a no-cost consultation.

Since many home buyers quickly become cash-strapped when purchasing a home, we realize that water testing might require money that is not readily available. However, a qualified inspection and water testing is always worth the cost. To help out, we are offering to waive our well inspection fee (a $129 value) as a courtesy to do our part in ensuring safe drinking water for families.

The tips above will ensure that home buyers will have peace of mind and one less thing to worry about when purchasing a home with a well. To get started early in the process, we encourage you to schedule your free well inspection now. Click the button below to schedule an appointment.

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